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Traffic Ticket From An Automobile Accident Defense Lawyer Johns Creek GA

What To Do If You Get A Traffic Ticket From An Automobile Accident

Being involved in a traffic accident can be pretty scary, especially if you or someone you care for gets hurt.   Besides concern for safety, there are criminal and administrative consequences that stem from accidents as well.   Depending on the seriousness of the accident and your actions, you could be facing points on your driving record, a license suspension and possibly even jail time.

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Following Too Closely Defense Lawyer Johns Creek GA

Following Too Closely Violation in Doraville Municipal Court

In October, our office was hired by the family of a 19 year old driver who was issued a uniform traffic violation for Following Too Closely.   The ticket was issued to our client by a Doraville police officer as a result of a multi vehicle accident that occurred on Interstate 285.

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Motor Vehicle Defense Lawyer Johns Creek GA

Recent Traffic Ticket Victories – East Ellijay – Doraville & Roswell Municipal Courts

Here are the results from three of the cases that our office handled during the week of November 5-9, 2018.

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Points on Driving Record Defense Attorney Johns Creek GA

What Are Points And How Do I Keep Them Off My Driving Record

Most states have some sort of points system when it comes to driving infractions.  You can think of this as a demerit structure. When you do something “bad,” for example, get a speeding ticket or fail to stop at a stop sign, you are assessed points on your driving record.  In the state of Georgia, the organization that keeps track of all your driving points is the Georgia Department of Driver Services.  This is the same body that also issues you your driver’s license.

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Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney Johns Creek GA

Recent Victories – Speeding Cases in Duluth Municipal Court

During the week of November 12-16, our office handled 3 different speeding cases in Duluth Municipal Court.  Here is a breakdown of the tickets and the results that we were able to achieve for our clients:

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Georgia Super Speeder Ticket Attorney

How To Fight A Super Speeder Ticket

As if getting a speeding ticket is not bad enough, in the State of Georgia, you can also be classified as a “Super Speeder” depending on the circumstances surrounding your speeding ticket.   While most drivers have probably at least heard the term “Super Speeder,” not everyone is aware of the details surrounding it.  So let us go ahead and discuss this law so that you have a clear understanding of its impact.

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