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Traffic Lawyers Near Me Free ConsultationCan hiring a lawyer keep my insurance rates from increasing after getting a traffic ticket?

Yes, hiring an attorney can help ensure that your citation does not appear on your record, and therefore, your insurance company will not see the infraction and use it against you in the form of increased insurance premiums.

What are points?

Points are basically demerits against your driving record. They are a function of the State of Georgia and assessed by the Georgia Department of Driver Services following the conclusion of your case. Most moving violations carry points. If you simply pay your ticket, points would be assessed against your driving record.

Can I avoid points?

This depends on your particular case and driving record. However, hiring an attorney can greatly increase your chances of avoiding points because attorneys are trained in the law and courtroom procedure and are able to uncover defenses in your case and defects in the case against you.

Will my driver’s license be suspended if I accumulate too many points on my driving record?

If you accumulate 15 points in any 24 month period, your license will be suspended. Moreover, if you continue to drive, you can receive a citation for Driving While License Suspended, which can lead to a further suspension and jail time.

Please note that if you are under 21, the point threshold is much lower, and it’s even more critical to have an attorney handle your case.

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Will I have to attend driving school?

This depends on your infraction, your driving record and the court that your case is in. We always try to a resolve a case favorably without a driving class. However, in an effort to obtain a non-reporting outcome with no points, sometimes having you complete driving school is the best course of action.

Will I have to pay a bigger fine? Will that include court costs?

We always strive to secure for you the best possible resolution. This means trying to keep the fine as low as possible. However, in some cases, the prosecutor may ask for a larger fine in exchange for a more favorable outcome. Other times, we can keep the fine the same or even get the fine lowered. There are many factors in play, such as your driving record, which court we are in, etc. In any instance, it is important to remember that if we can keep the citation off your record, you will save much more money over the next 3-5 years.

How Do Lawyers Dismiss Traffic Tickets

Lawyers are trained in the law, the rules of evidence and courtroom procedure. We can identify and raise mistakes made by the police officer, defenses against your violation and mitigating circumstances that can greatly improve the outcome of your case. The majority of the time, the cases we handle result in reductions or amendments to your violation; and sometimes even outright dismissals. Practically speaking, as lawyers we can use our negotiation skills to work out a deal with the prosecutor or solicitor that is handling the case. Other times, when it is warranted based on the facts and circumstances of the case, we can contest the ticket by taking the case to trial and requiring the State to prove the case against you.

Average Cost Of Traffic Lawyer

The cost of hiring a traffic lawyer depends on several factors, such as the seriousness of the violation, the defendant’s driving record and the particular court that the case is in. As an example, an individual charged with reckless driving and fleeing and attempting to elude a police officer can expect to pay more than someone who is simply charged with a single moderately-fast speeding violation. Also, certain courts, just based on how they operate, require attorneys to appear multiple times to resolve a case, whereas other courts have a more streamlined process that requires attorneys to spend less time to resolve a case. With that said, for certain courts and offenses, our prices start as low as $199.00 and go up from there based on the variables outlined above. In general, we always seek to resolve your case in the most cost effective manner while achieving your desired objective.

Do I Need A Lawyer For A Speeding Ticket

Hiring a lawyer for a speeding ticket will greatly increase your chances of a more favorable disposition for you case. Speeding tickets carry real consequences such as fines, points on your driving record and increased insurance premiums. Additionally, in Georgia, if you are found guilty of traveling above 75 mph on a two lane road or above 85 mph on any road, you will also be classified as a super speeder and face extra fines. We have even seen jail time on egregious speeding offenses. Regardless of your speed, if you are found guilty of a speeding violation, or any traffic ticket for that matter, you are guilty of a misdemeanor criminal offense, since all traffic violations are crimes in Georgia. If you want to keep a speeding ticket off your record, you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer to represent you in court.

Do You Need A Lawyer For Traffic Court

Engaging a lawyer to represent you for traffic court is a great idea if you want to improve the likelihood of obtaining a more favorable result for your case. A traffic lawyer that practices in traffic court every day will have a strong game plan to handle your case. A traffic attorney will have familiarity with the prosecutors and judges, as well as the court procedures. Also, a traffic attorney can offer valuable insight because a traffic lawyer knows what the traffic laws are, knows defenses to those laws, and can identify mitigating circumstances in your case that can assist in getting the best outcome for you. Finally, often times, we can appear in Court for you so that you do not need to time out of your schedule to sit through the formalities of court and face the Judge. If you want to save time and increase your chances of keeping your violation off of your record so that it does not impact your background history and insurance, you should hire a lawyer for traffic court.

How Much Does It Cost To Fight A Speeding Ticket

The cost of fighting a speeding ticket will depend on how fast the officer accused you of traveling, your driving history and the court in which your violation is in. If you have a simple case that can be efficiently and/or quickly resolved, we charge less. If you have a case that requires more work, for example multiple appearances at court, we charge more. With that said, our fees for fighting speeding tickets start at $199.00 and increase from there based on the variables just mentioned. The real question you should ask yourself is how much does it cost you to not fight a speeding ticket? If you simply pay the speeding ticket, you can receive points and your insurance can increase by multiple times more than the cost of hiring a lawyer to fight your ticket.

Reasons A Speeding Ticket Can Be Dismissed

The first thing you should know is speeding is a strict liability offense, meaning it does not matter if you meant to speed or not. If you were traveling a certain speed, it is presumed that you intended to go that speed, regardless of what you say to the police officer, prosecutor or judge. That does not mean it is impossible to get a speeding ticket dismissed. There are certain times when a ticket can be dismissed based on a technicality, such as the officer not calibrating his laser gun correctly or using his laser gun on a road for which he did not have authority to use it. Other times, tickets are dismissed by good fortune. For example, you pleaded not guilty and take your speeding case to trial but the police officer does not show up. That would be grounds for dismissal. Still other times, a ticket may be dismissed due to participation in a pre-trial intervention program, or as a result of a negotiation with a prosecutor. For example, after negotiating, a prosecutor may agree to dismiss your ticket if you pay a fine (sometimes if it is a very high speed, the prosecutor may ask for a driving class as well).

Can you help me no matter if I got a ticket from a local police department, a county sheriff, or the state Highway Patrol?

Yes, we handle citations at the municipal court, state court and traffic violations bureau court levels.

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